YONGNUO RF-605 RF605 Wireless Flash Trigger with LCD For Nikon Canon compatible RF603II YN560IV YN685 YN660 YN560III

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Compared with RF-603 II, RF-605 has below function:

1, it has two communication modes RF-602 and RF-603, so you can use RF-605, RF-603 II, RF-602 together. ( but you can't use them in group function together )

2, it has TX (single transmit) / RX ( single receiver ) / TRX (transmit-receive automatic switch), so you can not only use it as transmitter but also as receiver.

3, it has A/B/C/D/E/F 6 groups ( compatible with YN560-TX )

4, it has wireless shutter remote control, wireless Flash trigger function.

5, it has Clear LCD screen, shortcut key operation

6, it has 16 channels ( FSK 2.4GHz wireless channel )


1, Shutter release function

a, RF-602 mode, supports wireless shutter release, the transmitter set to " TX " mode, the receiver set to " RX " mode.

b, RF-603 mode, supports wired / wireless shutter released, all transceivers set to " TRX " mode. In this mode, you can use RF-605 single transceiver as wired shutter release function.

2, Flash Trigger function

a, set the communication mode: Set all the transmitters and receivers to the same communication mode
b, Set the transmit-receiver status": Set the transmitter to TX, the receiver sete to RX or TRX.

3, You can use shutter release function and flash trigger function simultaneously.

4, You can use it with Studio Strobe Light with the LS-PC6.35