Pronstoor Phone DSLR Recording Teleprompter

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  • 【Suitable for multiple scenarios】During the recording process, you can see your pre-written manuscript through the teleprompter, just look at the camera and keep your eyes away, easy to carry and record.
  • 【HD reflection effect】Using the principle of light reflection, make the font reflections clear and easy to read, so that the speaker can face the camera while reading the line, reduce the number of NG.
  • 【Mobile phone horizontal and vertical, support wide angle lens】Mobile phone recording can freely change the position of the bracket, adjust horizontal and vertical shooting according to the shooting needs, simple operation and easy to carry. Large field of view, large scene, teleprompter support wide angle lens shooting with no less than 35 mm focal length.
  • 【Bluetooth remote control】 The teleprompter is equipped with the mobile phone app teleprompter software, and the Bluetooth remote control app is used to perform operations such as page turning, pause, adjustment, font and background colour switching.
  • 【Installation and disassembly expansion plate】 Installation and disassembly phone expansion plate, fix the phone after installation; when the DSLR is recording, disassemble it to reduce the load of the DSLR to meet your different needs. Expandable hot shoe mount, it can be flexibly matched with accessories such as microphones and fill lights, allowing you to record freely.