NiceFoto SL-120A Pocket Bi-color LED Video Light

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  • SL-120A housing and motherboard are high thermal conductivity aluminium material, which can ensure that the maximum temperature of the lamp beads under full power use is below 55 degrees to ensure motherboard and battery safe work well ; The light from other factory is used lower quality glass fibre board, and the maximum temperature of full power work for a period of time is as high as 65-70 degrees, which easily causes the necrosis of the lamp beads and the hidden danger of battery explosion.
  • SL-120A uses high-quality polymer batteries, with high temperature resistance up to 80 degrees and long safe service life. Other portable light from other factory generally uses ordinary batteries, with the highest temperature resistance only up to 60 degrees.
  • SL-120A adopts the U.S. CREE chip LED beads 2835 0.5W/piece, CRI up to 95-97, color temperature can be adjusted accurately, light decay is small,  light decay value is only 5% within three years
  • SL-120A High brightness,enough power,and the Bi-color temperature (3200-5600-6500K) are two groups of beads with full power output 8W/12W; But other factory color temperature keep   3200K or 6500K, only a group of lights will be kept on, which is usually half brightness.