NiceFoto nflash300 300Ws GN54 Wireless Studio Flash with Built-in Wireless Hi-speed Flash Light for Outdoor Flash

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Model: nflash300   

Output power: 300ws

GN: 54

Li-ion battery: 12V-2000mAh

Flash times (full power): 240 times

Recycling time: 0.1-2s

Power range: stepless adjustment (1/32-1/1)

Power source: Interchangeable & memoryless battery

Battery-charging time: 3 hours (with self-protection)

Battery charging way: Plug-in charging type

Protection device: Overheating protection

Triggering way: 100m, with inner 2.4GHz remote control

LED Modeling bulb: 5W (manual on/off, with energy-saving mode)

Buzz: Yes (ON/OFF)

Color temperature: 5500K±200K


Package Included:

1 x Flash light head with Build-in battery

1 x Reflector & Soft disc

1 x 2.4GHz remote trigger

1 x Charger (with 1.2m cable)

1 x Strap for flash

1 x Strap for Al-case

1 x Aluminum case

1 x User manual