NiceFoto K8 800WS GN103 TTL HSS 1/8000S 2.4G Wireless Battery Powered Flash 1.8s Fast Recycling for Canon Nikon DSLR Cameras

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1.800W battery powered flash: GN up to 103; power range of 1/128-1/1, -0.3~+0.3EV increment flash exposure compensation  

within 8 levels; 1.8s recycle time; 5500k+/-200k color temperature, and work stable supported with structure designed heat  

dissipation holes.

  1. Up to 1/8000s High speed sync; high speed flash duration as fast as 1/20000s, helping capture 20 pictures per second at  

multi flash mode.

  1. Super power system: you can get the battery changed when needed; extend working time and get a more quick speed by  

buying another battery and connect them together.

  1. Various controlling methods: i-TTL/ETTL flash by built-in Nikon and Canon flash system; Wireless remote control by built-in  

2.4GHz; support to control A/B/C groups and 15 channels at the same; FP flash; RPT flash and manual control

  1. Convenient to use: designed with Bowens mount, wide compatibility with lighting accessories; LCD screen for real time  

parameters displaying; automatically display TT ratio by LCD; 2-in-1 handle for convenient holding



Model: K8

GN: 103

Color temperature: 5500k+/-200k

Flash duration: 1/20000s-1/800s

Flash times (full power): 500 times

Recycle time: 1.8s

LED modeling light power: 10W

Trigger working distance: 100m

Flash mode: TTL/M/Multi

High speed sync: support, up to 1/8000s

TTL system: E-TTL & i-TTL

Flash exposure compensation: support

FEB: suport

TT ration control: support

Rear sync: Support N system

Power range in M flash: 1/128-1/1 (+/-0.3EV, eight levels)

High speed flash: support

2.4G full remote control: support

Channels/Group/ID: CH: 01-15; Group: A/B/C; ID: 00-99

Flash sync mode: 2.4G wireless trigger, S1 optical trigger, and 3.5mm PC sync

LCD dot matrix screen: Yes

Power: 800W

Firmware update: support

Heat dissipation system: natural  


Package Includes:

1 x NiceFoto K8 Main Flash (Battery Included)

1 x Battery Charger

1 x Charger Cable

1 x Instruction Manual

1 x Carrying Bag