GVM TQ-S Teleprompter

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The base and bracket made of aluminum alloy make the equipment both light and strong.The whole set of equipment adopts a simple and user-friendly hand-twisted screw structure, which is quick to install and has a multi-position installation method.The distance between the camera/tablet clip/mobile phone clip and the mirror screen and the camera height can be adjusted as needed.The operation is simple and the control is convenient.
Compatible with the installation of various photographic equipment such as SLR/digital.The mirror plane adopts a colorless beamsplitter, a multi-layer dielectric coating (hard film) on the surface, no light loss, suitable for the various high-definition lens, wide-angle design, prompter document display is clear, no reflection, and no flaws will be exposed during shooting.


  • Tripod-Mount Mobile Teleprompter
  • Remote Control
  • Supports Up To 10″ Tablets & Phones
  • IOS/ANDROID Prompting APP