GVM LT-50S Bi-Color LED Light Panel

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50W Powerful led light panel; CRI>97+ Help you restore true colors.Designed for Perfectionist Photographer and Professional Studio Photography Lighting. Great Helper To Every Photography Lovers.


  • Top CRI/TLCI 97+: Restoring the true color like sunlight in critical photography, makeup, or video shooting scenes;
  • Groups & Channels: Make one as master and others as a slave, You can control 10+ lights at the same time
  • Input Voltage: 110- 220V/50/60Hz DC15V Power: 50w
    Exclusive battery gusset: For Sony V Mount/V-Lock Battery(Not include)
  • More than 50W: With a new design, this model of light equipped with an Optical Lens can increase the brightness triple, brighter than the normally led light panel