GVM-672S-B Bi-Color LED Panel Black

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GVM BI-672 is the upgrade version of GVM520S, there is 672pcs LED bulb compared GVM520S only 520pcs, and it is brighter. Same function as following: Multi-function control: Master/ Slave and 12 channels function: you can set 12 different channels, and each channel can control more than 10 pcs GVM same series of video light.


  • Two remote control methods: The first one uses the controller. The second type of light can be the controller to control Other lights, set the controller’s light to ” master”, and the controlled light to “rotate”
  • Memory Button: Each video light is equipped with 4 memory buttons, set your own parameters according to your needs, just long-press the settings, settings, and modifications are very simple
  • Support & Every product you purchase has a 1-month replacement free of charge, and 1-year. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you meet any problems.
  • 3200K/5600K Color temperature & wireless remodeled photography lighting built with 672pcs long-lasting durable LED bulbs, Variable tungsten-daylight from 3200-5600K, comes with a wireless remote for easy and convenient operate the photography lighting
  • Package Includes: 3 x stand diffuser, 3 x soft diffuser, 3 x Barn door, 3 x AC adapter, 3 x light stand, 1 x Wireless remote controller, 1 x large carrying bag.