Godox SB-MS 50X70 Rectangular Softbox for Godox Smart&Mini Master&Mini Pioneer Series Studio Flash

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【Photo Studio Softbox】: The light diffuser surface is 50x70 cm Universal Mount, The size of the softbox makes it desirable for fashion photography, portraits and medium to large product shots.
【Soft light】: Using professional light box reflect fabric, soft and full of light.
【Lightweight and Stable】: Double metal frame, nylon material, aluminum shaft. The shield body is made of high-density nylon material, highly reflective.
【Perfect for studio and flash units】: By diffusing the flash lighting,the softbox creates a perfect and even lighting that allows you to capture picture-perfect shots.
【Easy to set up and take】: Provide gentle, natural light for any kind of shooting, take your photos to the next level and make a more flattering look on video.