Godox SB-FW Softbox with Bowens Mount White Diffuser Portable Square Reflector for Flash

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-Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting.
-High quality flash cloth, minimize light loss and maximize light spread.
-With zipper opening, easy to install the soft box with the stand.
-Can be used with flashes and some studio flash lights with umbrella hole.
-With Velcro sewn around the sides, easy to install.
-Like an umbrella when being folded, small size, with a special bag, easy to carry.
- Size:60X60CM/60X90CM/70X100CM/80X120CM/35X160CM/30X120CM/


- Light Weight & easy to set up Collapsible L-Shaped Mounting Bracket.
- Provides Greater Light that is very even
- No Hot Spots or Concentric Circles
- Silver reflective internal face and Black back side
- Outer and inner soft diffuser included
- Fully adjustable to accommodate almost all speedlites with hotshoes
- Built-in metal ring with heat output holes for connecting to the softbox
- Able to connect to tripod stand (not included) or be put on a studio table
- Adjustable height, max. 8" from the center point of the metal ring to the horizontal bracket
- Mounting Bracket Height (with metal ring): 10" shortest and 12-1/2" longest
- Inner Diameter of Metal Ring: 3-1/2"
- Outer Diameter of Metal Ring: 6"

Packaging included :

- 1 x 60x60cm Grid Softbox

- 1 x Inner Diffuser

- 1 x Outer Diffuser

- 1 x Bowens Mount Speedring

- 1 x Carrying bag

Note: The speedlite, light stand and light modifier in the pictures are only for demonstration use only, they are not included in the package.