Godox S2 Type Bowens Mount Speedlight Bracket for V1 TT860II TT685 TT350 AD400Pro AD200Pro AD300Pro

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The S2 speedlite bracket has been updated based on the original S type bracket, adjustable to fit more speedlites and flashes. It has less size and is more compact and portable than the original S type bracket.


Easy to mount

Without moving the plastic blocks

Allowing users to mount various rectangular speedlites, such as V860II Series, TT685 Series, TT350 Series and AD200Pro Fresnel Head, etc.

V860II Series:


AD200Pro Fresnel Head:


TT350 Series:


When the adjustable screw at he highest end, the S2 bracket can fit 2xTT350:


Remove the first block

The S2 bracket can fit the Godox V1 Round Head Camera Flash, and the AD200Pro Round Head Flash etc.


Then Remove the second block

Now the S2 bracket can fit outdoor flash AD400Pro.



Hold in hand or install on a light stand


S2 bracket can tilt stepless


No-slip surface, mounts with light pressure, non-scratching

Compatible with all Bowens-mount accessories

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Package include:

S2 Type Bowens Mount Bracket*1