Godox M1 RGB Mini Creative Video Light Built-in Lithium Battery Articulating Bracket Music Mode

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Portable and easy to carry around with a weight of 240G and a small body of 145x70x15mm.
Consisting of 3 modes, it enables you to easily choose from 360 colors in the control of hue and saturation in RGB mode, precisely adjust the color temperature from 2500Kto 8500K in CCT mode,
and select from 15 special effects mode by pressing the FN button.
M1 fearure high color rendering with a CRI of 97 and a TLCI of 97, presenting the true and natural color.
M1 is suitable for macro shooting, video shooting, micro movie, live broadcast, portrait shooting and still life shooting, etc.
15 FX Special effects
Built-in 14 kinds effects preset, each effect involves 2-3 modes, 40 FX special light effect modes in total. 15 Presets as below:
RGB cycle, Flash, RGB, Lightning, Broken Bulb, TV, Candle
Fire, Fireworks, Cop car, Fire engine, Ambulance, Music, SOS