Godox Deep Parabolic Softbox AD-S85S 85cm with Haoneycomb Grid for Godox AD400Pro AD300Pro Flash

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Godox-mount Dome Softboxes AD-S85S, Specialized Accessories for Godox AD400Pro, AD300Pro, 33.46inch, Silver Interior





1. Design for Godox AD400Pro, AD300Pro.

2. Godox-mount Softboxes, compact size and great portability.

3. Umbrella design, support the fast installation.

4. It adopts parabolic box design to offer soft and even light effects for shooting.

5. 33.46inch, it is suited for many kinds of shooting.




Softboxes interior color: Sliver

Softboxes diameter: 85cm/33.46inch


Package content:


1*Softboxes AD-S85S

1*Reflector (Gold)

1*Reflector (Ripple- Gold)


1.Honeycomb Grid

1*Soft Cloth

3*Storage bag