Godox AK-R1 Single Accessory for H200R Round head

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AK-R1 accessories for round flash head adopts magnetic accessory port, which supports to use more accessories simultaneously and achieve creative light effects with great convenience and portability.


AK-R11 Dome Diffuser

Soft and bright light from various of directions

AK-R12 Bounce Card

Soft light effects for portrait shooting

AK-R13 Diffuser Plate

Soft & even light, more natural result

AK-R14 Four-wing Reflector

Creative light effects by adjusting reflectors’ directions

AK-R15 Honey Comb

Precise & direct light

AK-R16 Color Filters

Color correction & special effects

AK-R17 Snoot

Spot light, shaping light for creative shooting

AK-R18 Portable Bag

Convenient & portable