Godox 85/65 cm Lantern Softbox (34/26 inch) CS-85D/ CS-68D Foldable globe softbox with Bowens mount

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  • 【Stunning Soft Omni-directional Light】This spherical Laniern is perfect for creating soft and even light that spreads in all direction,whether in a small space or larger scene,With a 360° beam angle,the light is ideal for video recording,live streaming,and film making.
  • 【Bowens Mount Extends Compatibility】 Equipped with a Bowens mount,the Lantern is fully compatible with any Bowens mount flash or continuous light,such as Godox SL150II,UL150,VL series LED lights,and so on.
  • 【Extremely Fast Set Up】 Thanks to its simple and durable design,this softbox is a breeze to use.The Lantern could be peopped open or closed in merely few seconds,making it a quick solution on the go.
  • 【A Skirt for More Control】 To further control your light precisely,we provide a detachable 4-section skirt(Available for Purchase)that you can attach anywhere on the Lantern.Rolling up or down the skirt,you can get off any unwanted bouncing light.
  • 【Wide use】It is an auxiliary light tool that is ideal for studio shooting, video shooting, video shooting, product exhibition, net live, live broadcasting, portrait shooting, etc.

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