Godox 3X QT600W Studio Flash Light w/ Stand Softbox Trigger Carrying Case Kit

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QT 600W flash, an outstanding strobe for studio and workshop shooting. Photographers can easily capture a chain of fast-changing facial expressions and amazing moves, as well as clearly freeze each fleetingly perfect instant into eternal beauty. Excellent for wedding, portrait, fashion, and advertisement photography, especially, high-speed photography.

* Extremely fast recycling time
   0.05-1.2 second, up to 10 continuous flashes per second
* Ultra short flash duration
   1/5000-1/800 second, vividly snaps moving objects and details actions
* High color stability
   5600±100k between flashes over the entire power range
* Wide-range and precise power regulation
   Output from full power (1/1) to 1/128 in 50 steps (5.0-10.0)
* Wireless power control and flash triggering system (optional)
   Special trigger wirelessly controls flash power level, modeling light, buzzer, etc



3x QT 600w Flash:


1x 80*120cm Softbox

- Size : 80x120cm / 32" x 48"

- Mount Type: Bowens Mount

- Shape: Rectangle 

- Aluminum Ring Adaptor

Every softbox comes with:

-  1 x 80x120cm Softbox

-  4 x Steel Rod Set

-  1 x Bowens Mount Speedring

-  1 x Carrying bag

2x 35*160cm Softboxes

- Size : 35x160cm

- Mount Type: Bowens Mount

- Shape: Rectangle 

- Aluminum Ring Adaptor

Every softbox comes with:

-  1 x 35x160cm Softbox

-  4 x Steel Rod Set

-  1 x Bowens Mount Speedring

-  1 x Carrying bag

1x 140cm Octagon Softbox

-  Size : 140cm 

-  Speedring: Bowens Mount

-  Weight : 1800g

Every softbox comes with:

-  1 x 140cm Octagon Softbox

-  1 x Bowens Mount Speedring

-  1 x Carrying bag

1x FT-16 Trigger with 3 Receivers:

Godox specific flash trigger kit model FT-16 supports flash grouping and remote flash power control. With sensitive reactions and stable signal transmission, it applies to flashes with the wireless control port, such as, Godox Wistro AD-180 & AD-360, Godox QT series and Gemini GT & GS, DP Series, DE Series, SK Series(New Released), E Series(New Released) series studio flashes, as well as specific camera flashes. It is also compatible with Godox Cells series Transceiver.


- Transmitter Power Supply: 3V 2*AA battery
- Transmitter Frequency: 433MHZ wireless remote system
- Receiver Power Supply: 5V (powered by flash)
- Channel: 16
- Workable distance: 50m/164ft (open space)
- Max. sync speed: 1 / 250 sec.
- Control on flashes: Flash output power; Modeling light on/off; Buzzer on/off; Flash triggering


3x 2.6m 303 Light Stands:

- Color: Black

- Maximum height is 8.5 feet/2.6m, fold down to 38 inches/ 97cm for easy portability.

- Hole diameters: 31.5mm-25.7mm

- Professional quality aluminum frame with black satin finish.

- Simple quick-release levers provide fast precise height adjustment.

- Extra wide angle footprints with rubber tips for more stability.

- Folding frame design for free will lighting position setting and easier storage.



1x Light Stand with sandbag and Boom Arm LB-02:

Maximum height is 180cm, fold down to 70cm for easy portability

Hole diameters: 25mm,22mm,19mm

Telescopic boom arm maximum length:200cm

Hole diameters: 25mm
1 Sandbag & hook provide counter-balance against the weight of the lights

Sandbag Weight:4kg


1x Reflector Boom Holder FH02

This light boom holder is used to firmly grip the reflectors, it can be installed on the light stand, which make it really convenient and easy to use the reflector freely without other's help. With a 360 degree swivel design, it can rotate 360 degree for all directions lighting by adjusting the handle.

-Material: Aluminum alloy

-Extendable Length: 65cm-176cm

-Suitable for: 60cm, 80cm, 110cm and most other size reflectors.

1x BS-04 Retractable Background Stand

This Godox BS-04 Retractable Background Stand (boasts a massive 2.6m x 3m size) is made of lightweight aluminum and solid heavy support stands.It consists of two sturdy adjustable lighting stands and a retractable cross bar.The height can be adjusted from 0.97m to 2.6m.

This stand aims at providing photographers requiring a portable solution to take on site or establish studios. Sturdy fitting helps setting up with minimal fuss. Only simple assembly is required and no tools are needed.


-High quality aluminum frame

-Height adjustable stands (0.97m - 2.6m)

-Telescopic crossbars, adjustable width from 1.0m to 3m
-Solid mounting and locking,easy to set up

-Collapsible for easy storage


1X CB-01 wheeled Carrying Case


Package Includes:

3x Godox QT 600W Studio Flash

3x 303 Light Stand Tripods

1x Light Boom LB-02

1x Reflector Boom Holder FH02

1x BS-04 Retractable Background Stand

1x Softbox SB-BW 80*120cm

2x Softboxes SB-BW 35*160cm
1x Octagon Softbox 140cm 

1x Transmitter FT-16

3x Receivers FTR-16

1x Carrying Case CB-01