Godox 37" / 94cm White Folded Diffuser Soft Umbrella AD-S5 for Godox Witstro AD200 AD180 AD360 AD360II Flash Speedlite

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  • Works well to diffuse the light from any flash creating a soft even light for your subje
  • Attaches easily to the flash and creates a very large source of soft illumination
  • Unfolds quickly for use and takes up little space, and carries easily
  • Used with studio strobe, flash, specially for Godox WITSTRO flash
  • Godox 94cm diffuser photo soft umbrella for studio flash

Model: AD-S5
Diameter: 37"(94CM)
Fold-up length: 39cm
Weight: 290g

Package Included:
1 x AD-S5 Fold-Up Umbrella
(Do not include Flash/Flash Bracket)