fotoconic White Electric Motorized Rotating Turntable Display Stand, 24 Inch / 60cm Diameter, 180 Lb Centric Loading for Shop Display

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  • Fotoconic rotating display stand can hold up to 180 Lbs, perfect for display jewelry, collectible, toy, cake, mannequin, digital product
  • Speed: One rotation in 120 seconds, Low power consumption
  • Anti-Clockwise/Clockwise by On/Off Button, Handy and Easy To Operate.
  • Can also be used to create 360 Degree Videos, support Arqspin ,Widely used in display of plastic model in different gestures, window display, solid display, superstore
  • Size: 24" Diameter, Ideal for Exhibition, Event, Party, Wedding

Product Description

 Widely used in display of huge size products and mannequin in different gestures, window display, solid display, superstore; plug-in power and it can rotate 360 degrees, make the suppliers show their products in all directions and angles, low power consumption, high capacity of loading and display effectively; it can be controlled both by hands and electricity.

- 360° circumvolution
- Max. Centric Load: 180 Lbs
- Clockwise and anticlockwise (Turning it on and off can change the rotate direction)
- Speed: 0.5 Revolution Per Minute (RPM)
- Color: Pure White
- Diameter: 24"/60cm
- Height : 2" / 5cm
- Plug Type: US Plug
- Voltage: 100-120V/60Hz
- Certification: CE, LVD, EMC

- 1 x 24 Inches White Rotating Display Stand