Fotoconic 35cm/14" White Electric Motorized Rotating Turntable (50kg Centric Loading)

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Widely used in display of huge size products and mannequin in different gestures, window display, solid display, superstore; plug in power and it can rotate in 360 degree, make the suppliers to show their products in all directions and angles, low power consumption, high capacity of loading and display effectively; it can be controlled both by hands and electricity.



  • Fotoconic rotating display stand can hold up to 110 Lbs, perfect for display jewelry, collectible, toy, cake, mannequin, digital product
  • Speed: One rotation in 90 seconds, Low power consumption
  • Anti-Clockwise/Clockwise by On/Off Button, Handy and Easy to Operate.
  • Can also be used to create 360 degree videos, support arqspin ,Widely used in display of plastic model in different gestures, window display, solid display, superstore
  • Ideal for Exhibition, Event, Party, Wedding


- 360° circumvolution
- Max. Centric Load: 50kg / 110 pounds
- Clockwise and anticlockwise (Turning it on and off can change the rotate direction)
- Speed: 1 revolution per 1.5 minute
- Color: White
- Diameter: 14" / 35cm
- Height : 2.5" / 6cm
- Weight: 3.2kg
- Plug Type: US Plug
- Voltage: 100-120V/60Hz
- Certification: CE, LVD, EMC


- 1 x 14 Inches White Rotating Display Stand