Fotoconic Photography Prism Set Triangular Prism Cube Prism Lens Ball Crystal Glass Effects Filters with 1/4 Inch Thread and Mini Tripod for Camera Lens Photography Teaching Light Spectrum Physics

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  • 🌈Prism Photography Premium Quality: Made of high quality solid K9 Optical Glass material, provide the great value of clarity and transparency, furthermore the edges are polished for safe use. Three different shape camera prism meets your different needs,130mm Triangular Prism, 60mm Crystal Glass ball, 50mm Cube Prism.
  • 🌈Handfree Shooting: With Standard 1/4" Thread Hole. It can be mounted on a stand, tripod or magic arm, precisely positioning the prism or place in front of the lens to release your hands when photo shooting.
  • 🌈Come with Mini Tripod: Convenient to hold the optics prism Filter and change prism angle for professional photographers to create their unique images.
  • 🌈Professional Camera Photography Prism: Its great idea to add some creative effect of photo, film or video. Such as rainbow colors, dreamy looks, beautiful reflections or light flare which you don't even need to use Photoshop.
  • 🌈Lens Photography Prism: A surprise prism gift as photography accessory to create cool refraction in photos. In addition, it can also be a gift for kids to create light rainbow effect om teaching light spectrum.
  • 🌈Package Included: 1 x Triangular Prism; 1 x Prism Crystal Ball; 1 x Prism Cube; 1 x Mini Tripod; 1x microfiber cloth. The microfiber cloth can remove any fingerprints and keep the lensball clear.

    Product Description

    Fotoconic Crystal Photography Prism Set Optical Crystal Prism Glass with Female 1/4 Inch for Rainbow Effect Make Photographer Photo Accessory.

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    Prism Effect Photography by adjust the prism, the light source and the camera to obtain a unique picture effect.

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    Note: The effect of the photo is determined by the position of the prism, the light source and the angle of the shot.

    1. When you want the rainbow color, please use direct natural sunlight. Artificial light, especially LED flashlights or LED and fluorescent bulbs maybe just have a very limited spectrum, not even.

    2. If your lens gets a bit crazy trying to focus, remember to switch to manual.

    3. It is recommended to use a lens of 50mm or more, more than 70mm is better.