Fotoconic 14cm 10kg Load Capacity Rotating Turntable w/ USB plug-in /Remote(Black)

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  • 【Rotating Display Stand】:Electric Rotating Turntable Display Stand adopts a 360° rotating turntable design, which can manually adjust the rotation speed and direction, 8 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds per circle, 90 degrees round trip, 180 degrees round trip, 360 degrees round trip , Forward and reverse function, you can adjust according to different needs. Suitable for all-round display and angle.
  • 【Widely used】:For the display of jewelry, digital electronics, For the watches and other small products, Window Display,, Photograph Show, Cube Spin Display, Advertising.
  • 【Three Power Supply Modes are Available】 The size of the turntable is 5.75" x 5.75" x 1.38", and the maximum load-bearing capacity is differentiated according to the rotation speed, the maximum is 10KG (22 lb).
  • 【Flexible And Adjustment】 You can remotely control the electric rotating display stand.ON:Touch any keys. OFF:Press any keys 3 seconds 1.R/L for direction clockwise/counterclockwise.2.SR for speed regulation 2-4-6 revolutions per minute.3.ASA can adjust the rotation angle 45-90-180-360°then circle.
  • 【Full set of configuration】host, USB cable, 6 background boards(Both the black and white background boards are reflective on one side. )In order to prevent wear and tear on the shipment, we will attach a protective film. Please do not think it is old. It is brand new when you tear the protective film!