Fotoconic 2 x 1.7 M Light Diffuser Diffusion Fabric

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  • Unfinished Edges. Scissor-Cut for DIY lighting modifier for your studio lights, umbrellas, softboxes, shooting tents, diffusion panels, windows, etc.
  • Made from non-yellowing white nylon translucent textile. Wrinkles easy to recovery, hang down 1-2 days, wrinkles will disappear. Item can be ironed.
  • Softens the light and eliminates reflections and shadows; Light reduction is about 1.0 f-stop.
  • Scrim Fabric ideal for indoor or outdoor wedding, portrait, and product photography videography. Also can be used to diffuse the sunlight.


  • Size:67x79 Inch / 2x1.7m
  • Material: Nylon cloth

Package Includes

  • 1 x Diffuser Cloth