fotoconic Electric Motorized Turntable Rotating Display Stand, Remote Control Angle, Speed Direction, Various Rotation Mode, 11 Lbs Centric Loading, and 2 Pieces Magnetic Cover (4.75" & 8" Diameter)

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  • Remote control speed and rotating direction, the speed range is 15-30 sec/rev.(the maximum speed is 15 seconds per circle & the minimum speed is 30 seconds per circle)
  • Type of Power Supply: Battery Operated and USB Power Supply
  • Two Size of Magnetic Cover (12cm and 20cm) with 4 Colors Cover
  • Max Centric Loading Capacity: 11 Lbs
  • Smooth rotation which make it convenience to display the products and take photos of the products.

Product Description

- Material: ABS
- Color: White
- Size of the Covers: Diameter 12cm x 5cm(H) / Dia. 20cm x 5cm(H)
- Voltage: DC5V
- Rotating Direction: Clockwise / Anticlockwise
- Adjustable Speeds: 15s/r - 30s/r
- Battery model: Rechargeble battery (Battery is included)
- Control: IR remote (2*AAA batteries are needed, batteries are included)
- Max. Centric Loading capacity: 11 Lbs / 5kg
- Length of Charging Cable: 39.5" / 100cm
- Ideal for Exhibition, Display room, Living room, Studio and so on
- Weight of Package: 900g  

- The max. Loading capacity of the slowest speed is 5KG, and the max. loading capacity of the fastest speed is 2.5kg.
- Please put the battery into the turntable when you use can not use it if you just connect the charging cable without putting the battery into the turntable.
- 6 Level of speed range: 15s/r, 18s/r, 21s/r, 24s/r, 27s/r, 30s/r ; Default start speed at 24s/r.
- It is recommended to remove the battery if you do not use the turntable.
- the light tent and the display product are not included.
- Please charge the turntable for 4 hours for the first time and test when you connect the cable, and then you can use in normal.  

- 1 x 120mm Turntable base
- 1 x 120mm Cover
- 1 x 200mm Cover
- 1 x USB Cable
- 1 x Rechargeable battery
- 1 x Remote Control (2*battery are included)
- 4 x Φ205mm Color gel
- 1 x User Guide