FOMITO Curved Reflector Diffuser 66cmx180cm

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Combining clamshell lighting with the most unique and natural looking catch lights, this reflector is a must-have for any photographer doing portraits. Unlike traditional panel style reflectors that leave unusual catch lights in the eyes, this reflector follows the natural curvature of the eyes bringing your subjects to life.
The all-metal adjustable tilter bracket is designed to fit onto any light stand. Just only need few steps you can finish the whole process of installation, easy and convenient for you to install for use.
Comes with a durable zippered carrying case that is custom designed to fit each component of the Reflector.
The reflector can focus various highlights in eyes, making you more charming and attractive.
Double sides with 4 colors (black, white, silver, gold) for 4 visual effect.


  • [ARC-SHAPED DESIGN & STUNNING CATCH LIGHTS] This reflector‘s curved clamshell design can refract part of light, which can better focus the highlight details you need, making you more charming and attractive. Eyes come to life with a gorgeous catch light that follows the natural curvature of the eyes; Suitable for enriching the light of photography from multiple angles in various scenes.
  • [PREMIUM REFLECTIVE MATERIAL] Multi-Coating protection ensures durability of the reflector. Reversible fabric can optimize diffuse reflection, make the light rays are refracted more evenly, not easy to produce light spots or crumple.
  • [BLACK/SILVER/WHITE/GOLD REFLECTOR CLOTH] Double-sides reflector with 4 Colors, provides four distinct lighting options for you, suitable for a variety of photographic occasions. Velcro design for changing different color reflectors easier.
  • [ANGLE ADJUSTABLE] This clamshell reflector can be rotated up and down through the adjustment knob, and you can rotate it as your like for suitable shooting angle; The all-metal tilter bracket fits directly onto any light stand.
  • [EASY TO ASSEMBLE & CARRY] This photography reflector only needs a few steps to complete the entire installation process, come with portable bag, Perfect for video recording, portrait photography, studio product photography and outdoor wedding shooting.