Fotoconic Chromakey Green Body Suit

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Fotoconic Chromakey Body Suit Green Bodysuit for Photo Video Photography Halloween Cosplay Masquerade Carnival EffectSpecially designed for Photo or Video Special EffectsIt is believed that post-production plays an important role during the whole process of digital photography. You need the photo video green suit to reduce the workload of the post-production because people who wear this can be "invisible", which means they can be easily erased by computer software.


  • Specially designed for Photo or Video Special Effects. Conducive to digital photography and post-production. People who wear this kind of green suit can be easily erased by computer software
  • Soft and elastic. No limitations to post gestures.Foldable, portable and easy to carry
  • See-through and breath-through.The material of the face part is absolutely breathable. No worries about dyspne. The suit is made of spandex material
  • Zipper back design.A zipper at the back of the neck, as the only outlet of the suit, which can be hardly seen from outsiders
  • NOTE: This suit is designed for people whose size is about 175cm to 190cm. People who are not in this range may not fit well, please note that the purchase