Fotoconic Bowens Mount Optical Snoot Spotlight Concentrator

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Fotoconic Bowens Mount Optical Snoot Spotlight Concentrator for Studio Flash LED Light 50mm Lens


  • Contains an interchangeable 50mm 1.7 lens, supports manual focusing or defocusing of light to produce softer or clearer projections. The lens can be replaced as needed. The larger the aperture, the higher the brightness.
  • Built-in variable geometric modelling chip, which allows to show various shapes, such as square, triangle, rectangle, line etc.
  • Built-in LED brightening lens increases the brightness by 2-3.5 times when in use, which is convenient for video workers.
  • Distributed card slot design, multiple graphics effects, OT1 PRO has updated the circular inserts to rotate 360°, presenting diverse changes.
  • Equipped with 135mm Bowens Mount, can be changed to other mounts according to different types of LED lights and flash strobes, like 135mm Profoto, Balcar, Elinchrom Mount, etc.