fotoconic Black Electric Motorized Rotating Turntable Display Stand with LED, 10 Inch / 25cm Diameter, 20 Lb Centric Loading for Shop Display

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  • Fotoconic rotating display stand can hold up to 20 Lbs, perfect for display jewelry, collectible, toy, cake, mannequin, digital product
  • Speed: One rotation in 40 seconds, Low power consumption, LED light in white color
  • Anti-Clockwise/Clockwise by On/Off Button,Handy and Easy To Operate.
  • Can also be used to create 360 Degree Videos,support Arqspin ,Widely used in display of plastic model in different gestures, window display, solid display, superstore
  • Ideal for Exhibition, Event, Party, Wedding

    Product Description

     The Fotoconic turntable is an all-purpose display, promotion, glorify display stand with an ultra-bright LED for beautify, energy-efficient illumination. Thanks to the double direction rotation. Designed for home and exhibition, store, shop is great for display wine, model, electronics, decoration and photography.

    360 Degree Steady Rotation
    The Fotoconic turntable drives the top rotation in omnidirectional to catch most eyesight on a table, counter, shelf, rack, shopwindow. 1.6RPM, Available rotation in clockwise direction or CCW direction, just press the ON/OFF switch to change rotation direction. Use very convenience, functions multiple.

    Rotation with Light Illumination
    The ultra bright led light up illuminate at dark site, works on your night & dark promotion campaign, activity, party, foil atmosphere. Rotation & Light ON or Rotation & Light OFF are available, just press the switcher. So easy to get your expecting effect.

    More Loading Capacity
    Up to 20 pounds centric loading capacity, excellent struction let is rotation very steady.

    Upgraded up to date Turntable
    Modern design, easy to use, multi-function, excellent effect, durable in use, ideal for product display in exhibition or shop.

    - 360° circumvolution
    - Color: Black
    - Diameter: 10" / 25cm
    - Height: 1.5" / 3.8cm
    - 1.6RPM, steady rotation
    - 0~20 pounds loading weight
    - Clockwise and anticlockwise (turning it on and off can change the rotate direction)
    - LED light in white color
    - US 2 Flat Pins AC Plug
    - Voltage : 100V~120V /60Hz
    - Certification: CE, LVD, EMC

    - 1 x Black 10" Rotating Turntable