Fotoconic 3 Roller Wall Mounting Manual Background Support System

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    • Perfect for paper backdrop support system. The included chain is used to raise and lower the paper easily and smoothly and also helps to protect the background from kinking.
    • Substitute of high priced electrical roller system. Takes up a small amount of space when the background is rolled up.
    • Durability & light weight, easy to use. Adjustable friction control to prevent paper roll out.
    • Gear designed roller ensures effortless raising and lowering backgrounds.
    • Counter-balanced chain and gear assembly makes raising and lowering your backgrounds quick and easy. Note: The Background is NOT included.
    • It is Ideal for small studio or home studio, a smart choice for substitute of expensive electrical roller system.
    • Enhanced safety compared to easily knocked over portable systems
    • Allows you to easily and quickly select and change any of 1 background
    • Perfect for muslins, computer-printed, canvas and paper backgrounds



  • 2 x Tri-fold hook
  • 6 x Expansion Bar
  • 3 x chains
  • 3 x Weights
  • 8 x stainless steel sleeve expansion anchor bolts screws