Fotoconic 55 Degree 7 Inch Standard Reflector

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This 7" standard reflector is designed for standard studio use. The reflector directs all the strobe light output onto the set. All metal construction for durability. 

It is not fit for AD600 or AD600M, ONLY for AD600B or AD600BM. Before purchase it, please check your AD600 model. AD600B or AD600BM is with Bowen mount, however AD600 and AD600M is with Godox own mount. 


  • High optical parts is just like as a spot with a strong flare. 
  • Very clearly excessive shading, shadows deep. 
  • Lighting emphasis center. 
  • Outline the contours of the more obvious, good reproducibility effect level 


    • Color: Black 
    • Mounts: Bowens 
    • Material: Aluminum 
    • Oulet Diameter: 7" / 18cm 
    • Inlet diameter: 3.6" / 9.2cm 
    • Depth: 5" / 12.5cm 
    • Weight: Approx. 150g 

    Package Includes

            • 1 x Standard Reflector Diffuser