Falconeyes RX-T12 On Camera Foldable Roll-Flex RGB LED Light Kit Mounting Photography Lighting

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Falcon Eyes new RGBW LED tech has been applied to the best selling Roll-flex series. With the flexibility of the Roll-able LED mat and RGB LED, more lighting effects can be made and sure can help to transfer your imagination to actual practice.

LEDs & Power: 120pcs x 0.5W(White) / 120pcs x 0.5W(Yellow) / 120pcs x 0.3W(RGB)
Output Wattage: 50W
Color Temperature: 2700K-9999K
Operating Voltage: DC-15V 5A (Input: 70W)
Compatibility: AC Adaptor or Sony F Mount Battery
Dimming: 0-100% step-less dimming, ON/OFF, Turning Knob
Beam Angle: 5600K/60°, 5600K+RGB/62°
Control Function: ON/OFF, Color Matrix Display / Remote RC-5 (No included)
CRI: 95
5600K(W/RGB) 0.5M:5320,1M:1370, 2M:355
2700K 0.5M:3940, 1M:1040, 2M:266
5600K 0.5M:4390, 1M:1160, 2M:289
5600K(W/RGB) 0.5M:494,1M:127, 2M:33
2700K 0.5M:366, 1M:97, 2M:25
5600K 0.5M:408, 1M:108, 2M:27
Mounting Method: Mini Tripod Ball Head
Light Dimensions: 13.4"x12.8"x1.4" / 340x325x37mm

Package Included:
1 x T12 Roll-Flex RGB LED Light
1 x Mini Tripod Ball Head MPH-2B
1 x AC Adaptor
1 x Adaptor Cable
1 x Handle MP-155A
1 x Carry Bag