Falcon Eyes RX-18T Foldable Roll-Flex LED Light Kit 5600k + RX-18OB Extended Softbox Diffuser + RX-18SB Standard Diffusor

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  • 792 LEDs, 62W, Color Temperature 5600k.
  • Rollable, flexible and waterproof, easy to carry. All parts are in a carry bag.
  • Including 1pcs Extened Flash Soft Box Diffuser RX-18OB, and 1pcs Standard Diffuser RX-18OB, allows you to change the distance from the light and create a softer effect.
  • Indoor Studio working with Power Adapter (Included), Outdoor working with V-mount Li-ion battery (You can purchase it in our store) .
  • Working time ( Max. power) : 1.5hours/100Wh, 2.5hs/160Wh, 3hs/190Wh, 4hs/250Wh...

The new Roll-Flex LED light is developed with the latest LED technology to perform rollable and flexible movement with thickness of only 10mm. The Roll-Flex size is 45*60cm. It can aim for all kinds of shooting and micofilming. It's handy lightweight and easy to carry around which is great to use as your no-sunlight reflector or as a fill light. With the help of the optional clamp,user could mount the Roll-Flex LED light on a light stand in order to use as a led panel.

LEDs: 792pcs
Power: 62w
Color Temperature: 5600k
LUX: 2M(668) /1M(2470) /0.5M(6940)
Voltage: DC 14.8V or AC 15V 5A
Size: 24*18 inch (61*46cm)
Thickness: 10mm
Beam Angle: 10°-360°
Package Included:
1 x 792 LEDs Roll-Flex Light Body
1 x X-Frame
1 x L-shape Bracket CLD-14
1 x RX-18T Control Unit
1 x Adapter Power Line with V-mount Battey Plate
1 x Adaptor
1 x Spread Soft Box Diffuser RX-18OB
1 x Standard Softbox Diffusor RX-18SB
1 x Carry Bag