Falcon Eyes LP-2005TD 100W Color Temperature Adjustable LED Video Light

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Falcon Eyes 100W Color Temperature Adjustable LED Video Light DMX system Professional LED photo lighting LP-2005TD

The LP-2005TD can be operated in both AC and DC power (Sony V-mount battery compatible).
It makes outdoor photography a lot more easier, and it is great for TV filming, making microfilm, and many more.

LP-2005TD is designed with a color temperature adjustable function, its color temperature can be changed from 3000K (warm) to 7000K (cool) step-lessly, all the information is shown on the LC-display screen. What can be a better in & out-door light?

Model No: LP-2005TD
No. of LED 200 LEDs
Power 100W
Color Temp. 3000K - 7000K, stepless
Voltage Full voltage 110V-220V
AC adaptor (DC-15V 7A)
Lamp Base U-bracket
Dimension (LxWxH) 455 x 240 x 64mm
Filter size 45.5 x 24cm
Net weight 2.5kg
Optional Accessories Sony V-mount battery
Accessories included AC acaptor (DC 15V), diffuser filter

Package Include:
1 x  LP-2005TD         
1 x  Bag            
1 x  Adaptor&Adaptor line      
1 x  Orange&White Fliter 
1 x  Reflective Strips