Falcon Eyes 9in1 Flash Speedlite Accessories Kit SGA-K9 for Canon Nikon Sony Yongnuo Metz

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  • Universal Adapter Mount, Compatible with flash that has a maximum width of 85mm and a height of 32- 58mm.
  • Work with Canon, Nikon, Metz, Nissin, Yongnuo, Godox, Meike, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sigma, Sony, Sunpak, Vivitar.
  • Tender and evenly distributed light by diffuser balls, backlight effect of hair by snoots with a honeycomb.
  • Directional key light by standard reflectors and natural light compensation in backlight situations by softboxes.
  • Package Include:1xSGA-SB2030S Diffuser Softbox,1xSGA-CS Snoot,1xSGA-DB150 Diffuser Ball,1xSGA-DB4 Barnboor,1xSGA-HC1010-3 Honeycomb,1xSGA-CHC1610-2H1 Rader Honeycomb,1xCA-SGU Flash Adapter Mount,1xSGA-CF Color Gel

Universal flash accessories SGA-K9, is a portable flash accessories with collecting of two Honeycomb tablets, four blade, standard reflector, soft box, soft ball, four-color cover, beam tube, common switch interface nine kinds of accessories. It is the perfect partner of all major brands of external flash, and is the ideal assistant of shooting people, still life, landscapes, product advertising.

Package Included:

1 x Universal Adapter Mount

1 x Barndoors

1 x Snoot

1 x Standard Reflector

1 x Honeycomb for Soft-Reflector

1 x Diffuser Ball

4 x Color Gel (orange, blue, white and yellow)

1 x Honeycomb

1 x Soft Box Diffuser