Falcon Eyes 28W SO-28TD 3000-5600K Dimmable LED Panel Lamp Round Soft LED Video Light for Film Advertisement Shooting Photography

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The new Sophiez-Series LED light is designed in mirror style providing extremely soft lighting for all applications. Any illuminated objects
under the SophieZ LED light would look soft and just fantastic without the help of other light modifiers.
The Sophiez Series LED light comes in three sizes and output selection SO-28TD, SO-48TD and SO-68TD, 28W, 48W and 68W relatively.
All models are able to adjust color temperature from 3200K – 5600K, with TLCI of 95.5. Sophiez LED has applied a better power output
program which enable a 100% output in all color temperature. The Sophiez Series LED light has studied the best LED ranking which can
achieve a harmonious soft light. A delicate control box is attached at the back of the light with LCD touch screen control. Desirable light
can be adjusted easily. They’ve also designed to have the mutual control system (Share your move function) allowing an easy operation
for multiple units.
Part Number: SO-28TD
Light Source: 120 LEDs
Color Temperature: 3000k-5600K
Color Rendering Index: ≥95
Output power: 28W
Dimensions: 370×345×60mm
Average Service Life: 50000H
Beam Angle: 65°
Net Weight: 1.13kg
Power Supply: 15V 3A
Accessories: Bag/Bracket / AC Adaptor
Package Listing:
1* Bag
1* SO-28TD
1* Adapter Line
1* Adapter
1* Battery
1* Charger
1* Charger Line