Falcon Eyes 1000W/600W/400W/200W Waterproof Giant LED Light

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Falcon Eyes new water resisitant cinema flood LED light is a high power, super durable and great performance fixture which is very suitable for on stage or filming production use.
The water resistant cinema flood LED light has output from 200W to 1000W. All of them are equipped with a full metal housing. With the comprehensive coating, it enables the fixture to work under wet environment. With high efficient radiating plate which allow the fixture work in safe temperature(40°-50°) without the need of cooling fan.

Part Number:GEO-G10/GEO-G6/GEO-G4/GEO-G2
Light Source:144 LEDs
Color Temperature:5500K
Dimming Control:Stepless adjustable
Output power:1000W/600W/400W/200W
Voltage:AC 110-260V 60Hz / 50Hz
Average Service Life:50000H
Net Weight:41kg(Including the Adaptor)
Dimension(cm):76 x 74 x 19cm
Lumen:1M(46100) 3M(7150) 5M(2740) 7M(1420) 9M(842)
Waterproof :Yes
Package Included:
1 x GEO Light
1 x Power Line