BOYA BY-AM1 Dual-Channel USB 2 Audio Mixer

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Designed for people who need a quality recording interface on a budget, the Boya AM-1 Dual-Channel USB 2 Audio Mixer is a dual-channel interface and mixer that provides both 1/4" and XLR connections for a variety of sources, including microphones and line-level instruments. Using this interface, which connects to your computer over USB, you can record audio to your computer, where you can edit or mix it later in your favorite software. This device works for home-recording music and podcasts.

1/4" and XLR Connections
The BY-AM1 provides you with a compact audio recording solution for 1/4" line-in devices, instruments, or XLR microphones, thanks to its combination XLR-1/4" inputs.
High Sample-Rate Support
The device can support a 44.1 to 192 kHz sampling rate, making it suitable for a wide range of recording applications, from CD quality (44.1 kHz) to broadcast standards (48 kHz) to high-res recording (96 kHz).
48V Phantom-Power Support
This interface can provide 48V phantom power for condenser microphones. The power comes from your host device.
Live Monitoring
Thanks to the 1/4" headphone monitor jack and supplied 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter, you can listen to your live input signal with no distracting echo or latency.
Attach to Your Other Accessories
A built-in 1/4" mounting screw on the base can be attached to tripod and other accessories.
Form Factor Desktop
Display None
Channels of I/O 2 Input / 2 Output
Maximum Sampling Rate 192 kHz / 16-Bit
Number of Microphone Preamps 2 Preamps
Input Level Adjustment 2 x Knob
Expansion Slots None
Signal Processing
Pad None
Gain/Trim Range Line Inputs:
50 dB
High-Pass Filter None
Solo/Mute None
Analog Audio I/O 2 x Combo XLR-1/4" TRS Balanced/Unbalanced Mic/Line/Hi-Z Input
2 x 1/4" TRS Line Output
1 x 1/4" TRS Headphone Output
Phantom Power 48 V
Digital Audio I/O None
Host Connection / USB 1 x USB-B (Class-Compliant)
Host Connection Protocol USB 2.0
USB (Non-Host) None
Sync I/O None
Network I/O None
Wireless Connectivity None
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Maximum Input Level Mic Inputs:
9 dBu (Min Gain)
Line Inputs:
15 dBu (Min Gain)
Hi-Z Inputs:
8 dBu (Min Gain)
Maximum Output Level Headphone Outputs:
6 dBu
Line/Monitor Outputs:
10 dBu
Impedance Line Inputs:
47 Kilohms
Headphone Outputs:
< 10 Kilohms
Line/Monitor Outputs:
470 Ohms
SNR Line Inputs:
80 dBu
Headphone Outputs:
75 dB
Line/Monitor Outputs:
80 dBu
THD Line Inputs:
< 0.01%
Headphone Outputs:
< 0.01%
Line/Monitor Outputs:
< 0.01%
Digital Audio
Sample Rates 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 kHz
Sample Rate Conversion None
Latency Zero-Latency Direct Monitoring
Sync Sources None
Audio Storage & Playback
Memory Card Slot None
OS Compatibility Windows
*As of November, 2021: Check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date compatibility
Included Software None
Included Plug-Ins None
Supported Drivers/API & Plug-Ins macOS Class-Compliant (No Driver Needed)
Windows Driver Downloadable from Manufacturer
Mobile Device Compatibility None
Required Hardware USB 2.0 Port
USB Cable (Included)
Power Requirements USB Bus Power
Dimensions 6.3 x 4.1 x 1.6" / 160 x 105 x 41.5 mm
Weight 14.4 oz / 408.5 g