Aputure MC 4-Light Travel Kit Wireless Charging RGBWW On-Hand Film Light HSI Color Control LED Light

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Any Color. Any Time.

The Aputure MC 4-Light Travel Kit is designed for guerrilla and travel filmmakers. Bundling convenient wireless chargers into a durable hard shell case, that’s slim enough to fit in a camera bag or backpack, ensures that your lights will always be ready to spring into action when you are.

Flexibility at its Finest

The Aputure MC is Aputure’s first RGBWW film light. This light features full HSI color control and a CCT range of 3200K-6500K, giving you a full range of color options in a footprint roughly the size of a credit card, allowing it to fit in anywhere. Built-in Sidus Mesh technology also allows you to use the Sidus Link app to unlock all of the light’s capabilities. As the first color-mixing M-Series light, the MC offers filmmakers immense flexibility.

Durable Hard Shell Case

Made to follow you wherever you go, the MC 4-Light Travel Kit includes a custom-designed robust hard shell carrying case to store up to four RGBWW MC lights. This slim hard case ensures that your MCs will always be protected.


Wireless Charging

The MC 4-Light Kit’s sleek hard shell case, not only adds a layer of secure protection but also conveniently charges MCs using seamlessly built-in wireless pads. Simply power up the charging case, place an MC on each wireless charging pad, and they’re ready to go. The charging case even features an additional two USB 5V2/A ports to charge any other mini lights or even your phone.

D-Tap Charging

Sold separately, the MC 4-Light Kit can also be powered using a special D-Tap 2-Pin Power Cable, meaning you can charge your MC with D-Tap cinema batteries on the go.

Accessories Always On-Hand

In addition to its wireless charging hard shell case, the MC-4 Light Travel Kit also includes an accessory bag with a nearly identical footprint. The accessory bag holds the wireless charging case’s power supply as well as two silicone diffusers and two cold shoe ball heads, making sure you have everything you need for your filmmaking journey. Together, this two-piece kit can tackle a variety of lighting situations, wherever you go.

Travel Anywhere

Both the wireless charging case and the accessory bag of the MC 4-Light Kit were specifically designed to be small enough to fit inside a backpack or suitcase, creating the perfect lighting kit that can accompany filmmakers on any adventure.




Color Temperature 3200-6500K
CRI 96+
TLCI 97+
Battery Type Lithium-polymer Battery (3.7V 2600mAh)
Rated Output Power 5W
Operating Temperature 0° C to 45° C
Operating Battery Life(Max Brightness) >2hrs
Operating Battery Life(Min Brightness) >15hrs
~1.5 hours via USB PD
Battery Recharge Time ~2 hours via USB DC 5V/2A
~3.5 hours via wireless charging
Dimension 93x61x17mm/3.66x2.40x0.67in

Wireless Charging Case

Power Supply DC 12V~16.8V
Rated Current 4.8A
Power Input 72W
Max Power Output 60W
Max Wireless Charging Power Output 4x10W
Dimension 283x188x61mm/11.14x7.4x2.4in


Distance 0.3M 0.5M 1M
Maximum Brightness 1100 lux 400 lux 100 lux