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    Focus Forward

    The LS 60d is a battery-powerable daylight-balanced focusing LED that uses custom aspherical optics to achieve a 15-45° spot-flood beam angle with intense output and flexibility.

     Enhanced Output

    The LS 60d punches way above its weight class as a 60W Daylight Focusing LED fixture that’s up to par with the output of a 650W tungsten Fresnel and blows away comparable LED lights. With its custom, Aputure aspherical optics, the LS 60d can output 50,000+ lux in full spot, or 8,300+ lux in flood mode.

      Reliable Color

    The LS 60d Daylight LED continues Aputure’s ambition to provide high-quality, color-accurate LEDs to all filmmakers, with CRI/TLCI scores of 95+ and an SSI (D56) of 72.  

    Weather-Resistant Durability

    Designed to withstand the rigors of any film set, the LS 60d lamp head &DC power connector feature a weather-resistant design as a sign of its durability, so filmmakers can feel free to take it on any adventure.

    Power Solutions

    With a variety of included power solutions, the LS 60d is a light designed to solve problems in ways no other fixture can. The modular V-Mount Receiver on its yoke can hold all of its power options, including the AC adapter, D-Tap (V-Mount) Batteries, and the intelligent Dual NP-F Battery Plate.

    Flexible Output

    Light Storm fixtures like the 120d II, 300d II, and 300x can be powered using only a single battery, and the LS 60d is no different. The LS 60d can achieve full output with a single D-Tap battery or two NP-F batteries, or half output with a single NP-F battery, using its intelligent Dual NP-F Battery Plate.

    8-Leaf Barndoors

    Included with the LS 60d, the 8-Leaf Barndoors allow for more precise control than traditional barndoors due to the two pairs of helper flags that can adapt the light output’s size and shape.

    Bowens Mount Adaptability

    As a Light Storm fixture, the LS 60d can utilize a wide variety of lighting modifiers. In addition to its 8-Leaf Barndoors, 60d includes a custom Bowens Mount Adapter that attaches to its accessory mount and allows it to use Bowens Mount soft light modifiers.


    Light Shaping Tools

    The LS 60d is also compatible with the LS 60 Softbox, a square soft light modifier, and the Spotlight Mini Zoom, a precision protection attachment with a 2X optical zoom range, both of which are designed specifically for the LS 60d & 60x.

    Built-in Lighting FX

    The 60d launches with 8 built-in lighting FX, such as Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe, and Explosion.

    Sidus App Control

    Joining the Sidus Link ecosystem, the LS 60d gains unprecedented, quick & easy wireless control for any fixture in its class. As part of a mesh network, the LS 60d conducts two-way communication with the controlling smartphone or tablet and all other Sidus Mesh fixtures, resulting in a more robust network and longer range.

    Key Features

      • 15 to 45° Adjustable Beam Angle
      • Color Temperature: 5500K, CRI/TLCI: 95
      • 0-100% Adjustable Brightness
      • Dual NP-F Battery Plate
      • 8 Built-In Lighting Effects
      • AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
      • IP54 Weatherproof


      Operating Current <6.5A Max Power Consumption 80W
      Operating Voltage 6-21V Cooling method Active cooling
      TLCI ≥95 Color Temperature 5500K
      CRI ≥95 Wireless Operating Range  ≤ 80m
      Operating Frequency 2.4GHz
      Size 195*100mm

      Package Included

      1x Aputure Light Storm LS 60d Daylight LED Light
      1x LS 60x Lamp Head
      1x Barndoors
      1x Power Supply with Cable
      1x NP-F Battery Plate Adapter
      1x D-Tap Cable
      1x Carrying Case
      1x Limited 1-Year Warranty