Ambitful Lantern Softbox - 85CM

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  • 85CM|33.46INCH Due to different production batches, some lantern softboxes may not have GODOX marks. Please don't worry, we are officially authorized by GODOX. The GODOX products sold are all genuine products.
  • This bowens mount softbox with the ability to fit onto any Bowens mount studio strobe or LED Light, such as the Godox SL60W, VL150, UL150, AD200 and so on.
  • Constructed with collapsible nylon cover, and lightweight foldable aluminium shaft, it's quite convenient to set up or pack up. Quick-Folding in 1 Minute. Comes with a black carrying bag, makes your storage and transportation much easier.
  • With the Lantern you'll be able to Provides soft, omnidirectional lighting for small rooms or accent lighting for larger areas. This light modifier can make the light more soft.
  • The Lantern Softbox spreads the light from your LED or studio strobe in all directions. Now you can fill an entire space with soft, even light with just a single light source.