AMBITFUL TFZ5 Carbon Fiber Bracket Camera Tripod

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  • The AMBITFUL TFZ5  Carbon Fiber Multi-functional Light Stand is an essential tool for professional photographers or hobbyists who are in search of reliable and versatile equipment. Unlike other light stands, this one is compatible with multiple types of photography equipment such as flashlights, tripods, cameras, and equipment used by videographers. This feature provides users the freedom to utilize the stand according to their specific photography requirements.
  • Not only is this stand compatible with a range of gadgets, but it is also constructed with high-quality materials. The 8-layer Carbon Fiber Material has numerous advantages over other materials, such as being lighter, stronger, and more durable, with higher compressive strength. This makes the stand capable of withstanding rough outdoor conditions that may occur during outdoor photography sessions.
  • The Lightweight and Portable design is ideal for photographers who are always on-the-go. The compact size of 19 inches/48.5 cm when folded makes it easy to store the stand in a carrying case, which comes included with the stand. This design feature also makes it the perfect light stand for outdoor photography as it can be easily moved around and set up in various locations.
  • The Robust and Heavy-duty construction of this light stand is crucial in ensuring stability and preventing equipment from falling. With a 32mm thick tube diameter and the ability to support up to 5.5 lb/2.5 kg, this light stand is ideal for a variety of outdoor photography gear and props.
  • The Removable and Convertible feature may be the most practical feature of all. This light stand can be disassembled and re-arranged into a Monopod or a selfie stick depending on the photographer's requirements. This feature allows for multi-purpose usage, adding to the stand's versatility.