AMBITFUL 80cm Angle Beauty Dish Honeycomb Grid Bowens Softbox

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  • Wide angle arc design: 16-pole design, the light is more uniform, the light outlet is closerto a circle, combined with the light, it can produce a near-circular catch light, which is more suitable for portraits.
  • Reflector: more directional, different from the softbox direct light, because it is direct the reflected light, in the centre, is softer and crisper.
  • Wide angle light area, soft light: the wide-angle radome has a large light-emitting area and uniformlight. It saves space as a top light. In addition, the grille has a richlayering effect. With the film and television diffuser, the colortemperature and color rendering index of the original lightare maintained.
  • Multi-purpose, use effect: the two standard soft light cloths can be freely combined and matched, and enjoy various effects of hard light, one layer of soft light, and two layers of soft light. With the metal shield ofthe radar cover, it can be used as a hard light radar coverfor the flash.
  • Expand quickly. Foldable and portable: the quick-loading chuck is adopted, and the installation and disassembly can be realized by lifting it up in a diagonal order, which saves more space for storage.