AMBITFUL PB19 Carry bag

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  • AMBITFUFL PB19 camera bag. When shooting outdoors, we often struggle with the storage of small equipment. PB19 suitable size and the choice of impact-resistant materials will solve this problem.
  • 13 x 11.4 x 6.7 inch / 330 × 290 × 170 mm, this size is suitable for a variety of small outdoor shooting equipment now. Suitable for small drones, outdoor continuous lights, outdoor flash, handheld stabilizers, small cameras and microphone accessories.
  • Independent compartment design, the layout of the compartment can be changed to take into account the protection of the product, but also to achieve maximum volume utilization.
  • With shockproof foam inside, the carrying case protects your equipment from impact.
  • With carry handle, easy to carry, suitable for outdoor photography.