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  • P120DT-W consits of 384 surface -mounted LEDs with high Color Rendering Index( TLCI?97). adjust the brightness(10%-100%) and color temperature(2800K-5600K).
  • P120DT-W The body of light is made of 6063-T5 type of aluminum which is passed through the multi-channel working procedure to produce, so it sreliably andgood to heat dissipation,Noise-free is perfect for video shooting
  • P120DT-W LED studio light provides two kinds of power supply systems. For indoor use, customers can use 100-240V AC power adapter as the power supply system. For the outdoor use, customers can use V-mount battery,portable and easy to carry when shooting outdoor.
  • P120DT-W:Rotate the left knob to highlight select which option you want to adjust.Rotate the right knob to adjust the Dimming and C.C.T?1, Dimming -Percision brightness control from 1-100%.2, C.CT-Accurate variable color adjustable from 2800-5600K
  • P120DT-W product supports DMX512 agreement, so you can use general DMX512 console to control the lights.