AMBITFUL 45CM Lantern Softbox

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  • Adopting high density  professional soft light material, which is translucent white fabric, providing excellent soft light effect.
  • 360 degrees of lighting create soft natural light, which is ideal for revealing the gradual skin tone in portraits.
  • From the central hightlight point of to the edge, showing a rich sense of the light exposure hierarchy.
  • Attach the softbox to your light fixture, the light becomes soft and even, not irritate eyes, features shadowless effect, makes the catchlight prominent.
  • Standard color temperature, high color saturation. Unique lantern style folding design, easy to receive and carry. Assemble and disassemble in several minutes, suitable for travel.


  • Material: High quality soft cloth,  fiberglass,Metal
  • Color: White
  • Max. Diameter: 45cm
  • Product Weight: 1.53kg