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  • Features: Ambitful FL80 RGB. This is a brand-new, updated version that has improved the RGB function and Bluetooth remote control function on the original base, as well as other special effects for shooting and so on. The brand new upgrade brings you a brand new experience. CRI ≥96 / TLCI ≥95+ with CRI and TLCI indices, suitable for professional photography. Provides natural light and a variety of coloured light for recording
  • Full colour RGB - In HSL mode, there are 360 types of colours and 100 adjustable saturation levels, and different colours can be changed. At the same time, 10 types of different shooting effects are integrated. Create more exciting light effects
  • Remote control and mute function: the Ambitful FL80 RGB is equipped with a 5.0 Bluetooth remote control system inside. The remote setting can be done via the mobile phone app, which makes your recording more convenient. (Compatible with iOS and Android systems) The built-in heat sink and fan have excellent heat dissipation function. The function of real-time temperature control provides a guarantee for your photography.
  • Inside with reflective silver and front light diffuser, ideal for speedlite, monolight, strobe or eslave

Package Includes

  • 1x AMBITFUL FL80 RGB LEDight 
  • 1xStandard reflector
  • 1xBattery compartment
  • 1xBattery compartment fixing clip
  • 1xPoweradapter
  • 2xNP970 battery
  • 1xHandle
  • 1x AMBITFUL BowensMount Octagon Quick Installation Softbox
  • 1x Honeycomb Grid