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  • AMBITFUL FL80 RGB It is a brand new updated version that has improved the RGB function and bluetooth remote control function on the original basis, as well as other special effects for shooting and so on. The brand new upgrade brings you a brand new experience.AMBITFUL EF100 COB adopts high color rendering index COB LED lamp beads, the light spot is round and no edges and corners, the light efficiency is higher, and the color temperature is accurate
  • In HSL mode, there are 360 ​​kinds of colors and 100 adjustable saturation levels, and various colors can be changed. At the same time, 10 kinds of different shooting effects are integrated。Create more exciting lighting effects
  •  Continuous light uses a Bowens bracket that can be combined with various accessories for the Bowens bracket. Give your photography more creativity; AMBITFUL FL80 RGB is suitable for video recordings, portraits, wedding scenes etc. With 2 NP970 batteries and handles, you can always take pictures outdoors.
  • With special honeycomb grid, the honeycomb grid can soften the light and make it softer and smoother when shooting.

Package Includes

  • 1x AMBITFUL EF100 5600K Continuous Light
  • 1x AMBITFUL FL80 RGB Continuous Light
  • 2x NP970 Battery
  • 1x FW60X90 Honeycomb Grid Softbox
  • 1x 9ft / 2.8M Heavy Duty Air Cushion Light Stand