AMBITFUL EF200 200W 5600K Aurora COB LED Video Light kit

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  • 【One-Button Silent Mode , No Noise , No Interference】 Press the (fan mode key to switch between full speed mode and silent mode, and turn (5,turnbutton on the right ) to adjust power (0-20%) and reduce the power to 20% in silent mode
  • 【Stable Color Temperature】: CRI 95+, TLCI 97+,Dual channel constant current LED driver , no stroboscopic color temperaturemore stable .
  • 【Long Life】: The steel pipe radiator makes the LED chip work at a lower temperature andensures a longer life of the LED .
  • 【Easy to Control】: Two optional control methods, on-board control, AMBITFUL Light APP, allows you to adjust and control your lights in various scenes, making your workflow easier
  • 【LCD Screen】: LCD screen , Clearer and more intuitive display