AMBITFUL EF100 100W 5600K Aurora COB LED Vidoe Light

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  • 100W LED bead creates a stable light resource and even illuminance to guarantee high light brightness. With a CRI 95+, TLCI 96+ color rendering index, it can present the object as authentically as possible. 5600K stable color temperature, it can provide natural light and reproduce accurate colors.Professional light for portrait photography, film photography, wedding photography, YouTube lives broadcast, etc.
  • With a large-size LCD panel, users can clearly check the working parameters of the light, such as current brightness, channel, and current light temperature. A specialized lamp protect cover prevents LED bead from destroying for touch and collision
  • various light effects adapt to the user's multi scene shooting needs. In addition to manual control, you can easily adjust the brightness from 0% to 100% through the mobile phone via the AMBITFUL App, and observe the data through the LED screen.
  • Premium heatsink and built-in fan create excellent heat dissipation. The fan mode is divided into three gear modes:Low gear: 50% power,Mid-range: 80% power,High grade:100% power.The temperature control function helps prevent overheating and extend the bead's service life. The heat dissipation system has a small-sound fan that has low noise.
  • Octagon Softbox Lighting Kit is setting-easy with a few minute. It is ideal for using in studios, not only in portrait shooting, fashion photo shoots, children's photo shoots, still life shots, but also perfect for video and so on. The light is compact and lightweight, 78inch tripod Stand, 23.6 inches Softbox.