AMBITFUL Aurora EF100 100W 5600K COB LED Vidoe Light

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  • AMBITFUL EF100 COB adopts high color rendering index COB LED lamp beads, the light spot is round and no edges and corners, the light efficiency is higher, and the color temperature is accurate. The round COB lamp beads meet the various needs of live broadcasters, video producers, commercial producers, etc.
  • High-quality light can accurately and naturally restore the true color of the object, making it look real when shooting. CRI≥ 95, TLCl ≥95, natural and true color in any application, what you see is what you get. Built-in 5 different light effect modes can be adjusted in 3 levels, including lightning, explosion, broken light bulb, electric welding, paparazzi, which can easily simulate various scenes of life.
  • AMBITFUL EF100 supports APP remote control, the mobile phone can be connected to AMBITFUL EF100 via Bluetooth by installing "AMBITFUL Pro", and the light can be easily controlled with the mobile phone. It supports IOS/Android remote control with a distance of up to 20 meters. distance increases or decreases).
  •  AMBITFUL EF100 has a built-in three-speed adjustable cooling fan, which can be adjusted according to your shooting environment and shooting intensity, allowing the device to move as you like. The product is equipped with Bowens Mount design, which can be loaded with various Bowens Mount devices on the market, condenser/softbox/standard reflector, etc.

Package Includes

  • AMBITFUL Aurora EF100 Video Light *1;
  • AL-280 heavy-duty air pressure light stand *1
  • 22pcs Color Correction Gels Set *1
  • PB-19 special package *1
  • US standard special power cord + power adapter *1
  • AMBITFUL Square soft box *1