AMBITFUL AL-08 Reflector Bracket

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  • Suitable for close-ups of people, so that the character's features are more delicate and soft, the delicate and soft sense of skin, most photographers love the shooting aids.
  • Adjust the lock can be freely retracted bracket, in complex shooting scenes to complete a variety of refinement of light effects, help you unlock more due to changes in light effects to bring a different texture of the photo.
  • Universal Bowens port, can be adapted to SL60DII SL150 SL200 SL300 VL150 LED Light and SK400II DP400III DP800III QT600III and other flash, according to different shooting scenes freely switch lighting fixtures.
  • Not only can be used as a softbox reflector bracket, but also as a top light stand cross-arm use.
  • The tube diameter is thickened by 30mm more stable, made of aluminum alloy more sturdy and durable.